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The William Pears Group together with the Pears Family Trusts own properties and investments with a value in excess of £6 billion.

We have benefited from our private status, which enables us to take a long-term strategic view. Despite the Group’s size, its structure, small board and financial strength allow it to make swift investment decisions which can be implemented rapidly.

The Group is divided into investment divisions, each of which is committed to long term future growth. Each division is headed by an experienced management team, comprising people who have been with the group for many years and investment experts recruited more recently.

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Mr Mark Pears

personal summary:
Mark Pears has been Chief Executive Officer of The William Pears Group since 1984. Educated at City of London School and Harvard Business School, Mark is also Chief Executive Officer of Talisman Global Asset Management, Chairman of Telereal and a founder/trustee of The Pears Foundation.

The William Pears Group

company overview:
William Pears is a private investment group, wholly owned by the Pears family.

The Group's principle activities are residential and commercial real estate investment in the UK and Europe, with offices in London and Munich; Telereal - UK based property outsourcing company; Talisman Global Asset Management - a proprietary fund management and investment company with assets under management of $1.7 billion. In addition, the Group funds various joint venture parties investing in property.



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What they own: Fifty acres across London worth an estimated £750 million, through William Pears Family Holdings, as well as a network of subsidiaries.

Lowdown: Mark Pears is one of three brothers who run a firm started by their mother. They are understood to own 20,000 freeholds (houses and blocks of flats), collecting ground rents from long leaseholders and rents from short-term and protected tenants.

Six years ago a Pears company, St Ermin, hit the headlines when it tried to increase the rent of low-income tenants in Graham Mansions, Hackney, by 300 per cent in return for installing modern bathrooms. Thorne says: "The family is quite private, but they give a lot to charity."

Mark Pears and family
Up £590 (281%). Wealth now: £800m
With brothers, runs property empire started by grandfather. Family company made a £57m deal in 2002 to join a partnership to buy 252 pubs from Punch Taverns.

Piccadilly power eaterie The Wolseley is part-owned by the three Pears brothers, led by Mark, 44, who is managing director of the London-based William Pears Family Holdings. There are at least 44 other businesses, which showed profits of £110m and net assets of more than £650m in 2005-06. We value the family’s stake in property company Telereal at £300m. Holdings outside Telereal are easily worth £1.1 billion and we raise our valuation of the family to £1.5 billion after tax.

Mark Pears

The William Pears Group was formed in 1952 by Bernard Pears and his son Clive, and is still 100% family owned and managed. The Group’s original activity was commercial property development, but it expanded into property investment in the mid-1960s. The Group’s policy has always been long term growth with conservative borrowings. Accordingly, from the early years the Group has participated in joint ventures.

In 1990, the Group set up a new division, now called Talisman Global Asset Management, to invest in international equities and venture capital markets. This division now manages in excess of $1.5 billion of investments.

More recently the Group has expanded its involvement in joint ventures and now works with over 30 joint venture partners.

Mark Pears 

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